Strand CrossFit is setup in an ideal location, right in the heart of Townsville looking out across the Strand towards Magnetic Island. We have the greatest location in Townsville, located next to a beach (sand runs anyone?), a 50m Lap pool, and safe walking (running) tracks along The Strand. For the lifters we have prestige weightlifting bars and bumper plates, along with a dedicated Olympic lifting Platform strip! Don’t beleive we have the best location in Townsville? Come have a look!

We believe in servicing the greater population, so not matter what your fitness levels and experiences are, Strand CrossFit is the place for you! We think that everyone and anyone should get the opportunity to experience the health benefits of CrossFit because they really are like nothing you have seen before. Through professional coaching and second to none service, we want to help you acheive your maximum potential.

You may have heard about or seen CrossFit workouts online, and thought to yourself “There is no way I could do that”. Wrong! With our first-class On-Ramp program, we can teach you all the fundametals of CrossFit, and show you that you can do anything. All you need is to commit yourself to a change and brace yourself for some awesome results (and prepare for plenty of sweat and sore muscles)! We believe in technique first before intensity, so be sure to check out our beginners page so that you get started the right way.


What our members have to say ...

I started CrossFit when I was in my mid-40s and had never done anything remotely like this before. But what it has given me and continues to give me (beyond the strongest, fittest, best looking body I’ve ever had) is a completely new outlook on my age. I’m about to enter the 5th decade of my life and I feel like I haven’t even begun to reach my potential. I continue to get stronger, master new skills, build coordination and agility and do things I never thought myself capable of doing. I’m having more fun now than ever before in my life – how can you not feel a bit like a kid again when you get to jump over boxes, climb ropes, flip tires, play on rings, jump rope, and race your friends around the strand? It’s given me a deeply held belief that it’s never too late for anyone to start getting fitter and stronger, more mobile and coordinated – that the functional movements we drill can reverse and hold off what we’ve come to accept as the “inevitable” effects of aging. At some level, I believe CrossFit has more to offer older individuals than any other demographic than perhaps kids in terms of life-changing, quality-of-life impact. Just as we have yet to see what a generation of kids raised in CrossFit means in terms of physical potential, I think we have yet to see what a generation of 50-plus individuals who embrace CrossFit means in terms of longevity, independence and quality of life into their 60s, 70s and 80s.


Strand CrossFit Member

Last year I turned 40…I had spent the past 4 years going through fertility treatment with many ups and downs. This took a toll on me emotionally and physically. After ceasing IVF we were blessed to fall pregnant naturally and in December our beautiful twins arrived. As amazing and blessed as we felt, I had never been so exhausted, unfit and feeling bad about myself. During my pregnancy I gained over 30kgs…I stopped weighing myself when I reached 106kgs. My body was completely changed. I started Crossfit 6 weeks ago and was completely out of my comfort zone. I think it is the best thing I’ve ever done…crazy hard yes, and sometimes I wonder if I will make progress, but I’m determined to stick it out and make some big changes. The atmosphere at Strand Crossfit is awesome. Everyone has their own goals and it’s great to hear people pushing their mates on. The view is a bonus. I am feeling more energetic and a little bit addicted! I’m constantly motivated by the other ladies there and I’m on a journey to find me again. Plus, I get to share this with my 13 yr old daughter..trying to be a role model for her as well. She watches the other ladies working out, being fit and strong, and is really motivated by them. Winning!


Strand 'On Ramp' Beginner

When I started Crossfit in August 2016 I had to wear a knee brace after having 2 ACL Reco’s 15 years ago. Now, 1 year on, I can run pain free, squat, jump without my knee brace. I have not been this good since before my injury. The coaches are really great and I see them encourage all the members to achieve their personal goals. I cannot recommend Strand Crossfit enough. The view of the beach, Maggie Island and the great bunch off people make me want to come back everyday.


Strand CrossFit Member