Strand CrossFit is setup in an ideal location, right in the heart of Townsville looking out across the Strand towards Magnetic Island. We have the greatest location in Townsville, located close to the beach and with safe walking (running) tracks along The Strand. For the lifters we have prestige weightlifting bars and bumper plates, along with a dedicated Olympic Lifting Platform strip! Don’t believe we have the best location in Townsville? Come have a look!

We believe in servicing the greater population, so not matter what your fitness levels and experiences are, Strand CrossFit is the place for you! We think that everyone and anyone should get the opportunity to experience the health benefits of CrossFit because they really are like nothing you have seen before. Through professional coaching and second to none service, we want to help you achieve your maximum potential.

You may have heard about or seen CrossFit workouts online and thought to yourself “There is no way I could do that”. Wrong! With our first-class On-Ramp program, we can teach you all the fundamentals of CrossFit and show you that you can do anything. All you need is to commit yourself to a change and brace yourself for some awesome results (and prepare for plenty of sweat and sore muscles)! We believe in technique first before intensity, so be sure to check out our beginners programme to get started the right way.


So why wait? Give us a call today to find out about our next On Ramp programmes, what our current membership deals are, or for more information on the fitness phenomenon that is CrossFit!

We hope to hear from you soon!

Strand CrossFit

Bowls Club
8 The Strand
Townsville, 4810

E:[email protected]

P: 4772 0002