Strand CrossFit in Townsville – An Ideal Location!

Strand CrossFit in Townsville is set up in the ideal location. It is right in the heart of Townsville CBD in the amazing Townsville Health Hub building. For the lifters, we have prestige weightlifting bars and bumper plates, along with a dedicated Olympic Lifting Platforms.  Want more – at Strand CrossFit you also have access to a steam room and traditional hot coal sauna, a magnesium lap pool childcare facilities and an onsite cafe.

Don’t believe Strand CrossFit have the best location in Townsville? Come have a look!

Strand CrossFit in Towsville – A Place For You!

We believe in starting small and dreaming big! Moreover, no matter what your fitness levels and experiences are, Strand CrossFit is the place for you! We think that everyone and anyone should get the opportunity to experience the health benefits of CrossFit. Therefore, they really are like nothing you have seen before. Through professional coaching and second, to none service, we want to help you achieve your maximum potential.

Did you ever find yourself saying “There is no way I could do that”? Wrong! With our first-class On-Ramp program, we can teach you all the fundamentals of CrossFit and help you do anything. All you need is to commit yourself to a change and brace yourself for awesome results (and prepare for plenty of sweat and sore muscles)! In addition, we believe in technique first before intensity, so be sure to check out our beginner’s program to get started the right way.

On-Ramp Program?

An on-ramp is a course that teaches the foundational movements of CrossFit, plus other movements that are frequently used during Work Out of the Day (WOD). Furthermore, most on-ramps last four to six weeks and usually are three to four days per week.

The on-ramp program should is one of the most important things in the program because it builds the foundation for each member. Furthermore, on-ramps are updated every few months based on how members are progressing and what is missing from their experience.