“Your body is the capital of something impressive. Admire it, Challenge it.”

And that my friends is what she did. Taking on the Strand Fitness 12 week challenge starting in August finishing in November taking home 2ND place! The results speak for themselves. In just 12 weeks Tegan achieved so much. Changing her body shape, improving fitness levels and not to mention completely changing her diet around.

During the 12 weeks Tegan also went on a holiday to bail and several outings. Proving to herself that it’s possible to go on holidays and keep the goals in check. Tegan trained every opportunity she got taking full advantage of her CrossFit membership doing 5/6 CrossFit Classes per week on top of that she did 1 PT session per week.

Here’s what Tegan had to say about the whole experience:

“so the 12 week challenge was really challenging for me in the fact I had never stuck to a diet over a week, it was a big shock to the system and I was really worried at the start I would not be able to complete it as 12 weeks does not sound bad but when you say 3 months it seemed like it was going to be forever but I surprised myself and suck it out Since I love exercise the most challenging thing was eating the right food and not cheating myself I loved the sense of achievement and knowing what I had just completed I worked really hard for and the fact I came second put the cherry on the cake Also I loved pt sessions as you could not hide it was just me and you so I had to work really hard I am over the moon with my results and can’t believe how much I changed in 12 weeks also I am really happy with how fit I am at he moment And yes I would 100% do one again not to loose more weight but just for a healthy body and mind and also that sense of achievement again.” – Tegan.