No movement is too complex not to break down to suit each individuals strength and fitness level!  

Here at Strand CrossFit our coaches go the extra mile for our members to make sure everyone is able to do movements suited to their own fitness and strength levels. This is also very important to us in terms of injury prevention all the amazing things you see the “top crossfitters” do on YouTube or TV. That isn’t actually what everyone is expected to do, maybe one day with lots of time, patience and good coaching (if that is what your goals are). But not all of our members that train here have that goal. We have members here training to lose weight, improve lifestyle habits,  move better, Become the best vision of themselves and the list goes on. My point here is we have a rage of strength and fitness levels here and a very non intimidating training environment.

Here we have Maria scaling down the ring muscle up in today’s WOD with ring rows and dips.








So…If you like to challenge yourself, better yourself and become the best vision of yourself in 2017 come and give our classes ago we offer 1 free session to NEW potential members.

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