The CrossFit season is here, and kicking off in one month with Open WOD 16.1! The speculation has already begun as to whether we will see a tougher RX WODs, now that HQ have had trialed the Scaled Division last year to great success!

If you haven’t registered, make sure you do! It’s an amazing experience to be a part of a worldwide competition, surrounded by people who love health and fitness as much as you do! As I mentioned, the Scaled division really gives you no excuse not to register! If you can’t RX an Open WOD, that’s okay, you can scale it, just like any normal WOD!

When the WOD gets released on the Friday morning, you’ve got until the following Tuesday to complete it at the Box and log your score online. Each workout is judged (by a fellow athlete) and then the score is verified by the affiliate manager (me) so there’s no cheating!

The Opens Schedule

16.1: Feb. 26 – 30
16.2: March 4 – 8
16.3: March 11 – 15
16.4 March 16 – 22
16.5 March 25 – 29


Every Friday night during the Opens we will be hold In-house nights, where you can come down, do the WOD, judge a couple of WODs, then enjoy a BBQ afterwards! There will be opportunities to redo WODs (or do the WOD if you miss the Friday night) on the Saturday or Monday, just let Mitch know!

So get to it, register and be part of the fun!

2016 CrossFit Games Registration: