10min EMOM
ODD: ring muscle ups
EVEN: handstand walking

WOD: 21min EMOM

1ST min: 10 strict dips from muscle up /SX 10 strict dips

2ND min: 15 box jump overs /SX 10 on and over

3RD min: 20 front rack lunges 25/16kgs /SX 12 lunges.

: girl power at 9:15  



Strength: every 2min for 10min

5 thrusters increasing load

WOD: every 5 min for 4 rounds

4min AMRAP
400m run
50 double unders
Max effort: thrusters @90% of today’s heavy 5RM.
1min REST

: Aidan getting his 85kgs for 5 done ✔️




To get the most out of your training sessions you may want to look into your pre workout...Not the powdered form, try leaning more towards to the whole foods. 
Foods that offer more of a nutritional value helping you fuel your body for your sessions. Bellow is a short list of foods you may want to look at including into your diet for pre workout purposes. 

Foods that are great pre-training:

Bananas: The potassium in one banana is enough to prevent muscle cramping for 30 mins to an hour. They also a good source of carbs to keep your glycogen stores in check. 

– Quinoa: Carbs and protein all-in-one! Mix with some herbs or make a quinoa porridge for a porridge after cooking just add some warm blueberries, vanilla almond milk. pretty tasty

– Meat + veg: Chicken and turkey are both great before working out. Add in some veg, and maybe some quinoa or spelt bread for carbs and you have yourself a quality meal.

– Protein powder: Make up a smoothie or whip up some protein pancakes. Add with a banana and you have some pretty awesome pre-workout fuel!

Protein oats: Oats cooked with egg whites added right at the end.

– Chia seeds: Add these guys to whatever you eat pre-workout. They contain a heap of iron and magnesium, as well as potassium. They also suck in water and hold on to it, which keeps you hydrated longer.  Packed with protein, antioxidants and omega 3!



Every 3min for 15min
2 hang power snatch
2 hang snatch

In pairs…. Party with the girls “for time”

split reps as needed

30 snatches 60/40kgs
150 wallballs
30 power clean and jerks 60/40kgs

: Zimmo & Nez at All stars finals


Skill: 15min play time: learning how to rope climb




50 double unders

2 rope climbs

4 stones over shoulder (heavy)

50m stone carry

bellow is a photo of Grace one of our new members just finished our beginners program straight into our normal classes! and i can tell you now with her dertermination she is going to be killing it in NO TIME! Keep at it chick.


Strength: every 3min for 15min

1 snatch + 2 OHS building in weight

WOD: “For time”

20 strict T2B

15 strict HSPU’s

10 snatches 60/45KGS

200m swim

10 burpees

15 HR push ups

20 squats

200m swim


Strength: EMOM 10min

ODD: Turkish get up + 2 strict press
Even: 40sec plate walks

200m run
14 KB snatch 24/20kgs
14 GHD sit ups/ v-sit up

📷: Jennings And Booth in the same class had to capture the moment


Strength: every 2min for 10 min @50% of 1rm deadlift
6x snatch grip deadlifts

WOD: “for time”

10 bar muscle ups
20 deadlifts 100/70Kgs
30 box jump overs
40 wallballs
50 call row
40 wallballs
30 box jump overs
20 deadlifts
10 bar muscle ups

Starting the week strong!
Well done everyone who came down and gave it a crack!

📷: Dech Dech in action 👏🏻💪🏻



Strength: every 3 min for 15min
1 clean
2 front squats (increasing load each time)
WOD: EMOM 21min
1ST minute: 5 thrusters @65/55KGS
2ND minute: 10 strict pull ups
3RD minute: 15 KB swings 32kg/24kg
RX: unbroken