“RYAN MURAMOTO” AMRAP (with a Partner) in 34 minutes 100 Burpee Box Jump-Overs (24/20 in) 800 meter Run 100 Wall Ball Shots (30/20 lb) 800 meter Run 200 Double-Unders (100 each) 800 meter Run One partner works while the other rests. Partition the work as needed,...


A. For max double unders Every 5 minutes x 5 800m run  Max double unders B. Emom x 10  1 to 20 t2b 


1km row  55 wall balls 34 deadlifts 60/45 21 bar facing burpees  13 ground to overhead 21 bar facing burpees  34 deadlifts  55 wall balls  1km row 30 cut off  


A.bench 1rm  B. Deadlift 1rm C.In pairs 10 reps of each, 2 rounds, double dumbbell Power clean  Front squat Push press Overhead lunges 5 each leg   Devil press Ahap 

Saturday 20th

Jenkins AMRAP 40, with partner, split however, run together 50 burpees 400m run 50 kb swings 400m run 50 pull ups 50 push ups 400m run