Thursday 18th

In Pairs you go i go 10 x 200m run each 5 x 400m run each Core L sit accumulate 30 seconds L hang accumulate 60 seconds Plank accumulate 120 seconds  

Wednesday 17th

Strength 6 giant sets for quality. A1.supinated pull up find heavy 6 A2.Strict Press find heavy 9 A3.cossack squat find heavy 9 each side   WOD For time: 15-12-9 Alternating kb snatch each arm 24/16 C2b pull up 7 cut off...

Monday 15th

Weightlifting A.Build to heavy hang power snatch B. Snatch pull 3×3 @ A. 20 minutes     WOD 21-15-9 Burpee over bar Snatch 60/45 15 cut off  

Saturday 13th

Team WOD AMRAP with partner 5 rounds of Minute 1- wall balls Minute 2- toes to bar Minute 3-box jumps Minute 4-push press Minute 5-double unders Minute 6- rest Accumulating amrap in 30 seconds then switch with partner...