L-Sit on Rings

5 Seated Pike Single Leg Lifts L (0:03 pause)

5 Seated Pike Single Leg Lifts R (0:03 pause)

10 Seated Pike Leg Lifts \0:15 Pike Leg Lift Hold

5 Slow Negative Ring Dips

0:15 Ring Support Hold

1x Max Effort Ring L-Sit Hold (sc to tuck hold)

Rest approx. 3 min (as needed for space)

then 3x 50% of max time ring L-Sit Hold, rest 30-60s between sets

*If athletes can’t yet ring supprt, scale this piece to same format with tuck hung from bar (tuck hang is just pausing at the top of a knee raise, knees above hip crease)



6 Rounds For Time:

30/20 Cal Echo Bike

30 Second Ring L-Sit (accumulate)

50′ Double DB Front Rack Walking Lunge (22.5/15kg)

*L-Sit scales as required, optimal to get 2-3 breaks per 30s accumulation, will need to have clock visible for the class **Scale for L-Sit, if max was less than 15s in first test, go to plank hold for this workout, if between 15-30s for max hold, scale to tuck holds on rings here. Option to L-Sit or Tuck Hang from bar for similar stimulus if needed for space. Pair up and alternate between a ring support L-Sit and a bar hang L/Tuck hold

* Score = time